Rose and Cross

“Just as wicked men will stop at nothing to do evil, so should just men stop at nothing to do right.” –Rosenkreuz- Founder of the organization.

The Rose and Cross is one of Theah’s strangest secret societies…chefly because it is not secret at all. In fact, so much folklore and legend have sprung up around this “secret society” that it is difficult to discern fact from fiction.
The Knightly Order of the Rose and Cross is a “gentleman’s society” devoted to meting out justice, righting wrongs, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Many Knights are fight or sixth sons of noble lords with few prospects. They join the Knights in order to gain a reputation for themselves or to attract the wandering eye of rich noble daughters (or in the case of the Order’s female comrades, rich noble sons).

There are many chapter housed of the Order scattered throught theah, and their doors are open to any who hold a membership. Some noblemen purchase nominal memberships in order to support the Order’s cause (and claim membership in the most famous order of knights in the world). The headquarters of the Order is in Montaigne, in the city of Crieux. Theleader of the Order is Aristide Baveux, whom one Church official has called the most beloved man in all of Theah. Currently, the Empereur of Montaigne can count five Knights in his entourage of bodyguards, and the King of Castille boats three. Even Avalon’s Queen Elaine has flirted with the idea of adding the banner of the Rose and Cross to her court (although rumor has it her high advisor, Derwyddon, has advised against it.)

Joining the Order is no easy task. Those with heavy purses may purchases honorary positions, but many not refer to themselves as Knights. Instead, they are called “Benefactors”, though they are treated with high regard by the Knights they support. Those who wish to earn the title of Knight must uindergo three years of service to the Order, three of the hardest years of their lives. They must serve the Knighthood without question, venturing on quests and duties that, it would seem, only a madman would undertake. However, if they prove themselves worthy, they are allowed to wear the Seal of the Rose and Cross and call themselves “Knight.”

The Order is highly structured, with Knights gaining position and favor within the organization through acts of valor, selfless courage, and generosity.

Rose and Cross

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