Remy Blackflint

Brutal Mutineer


Remy was a rank and file member of the Sea Dogs for years, never making headway within the organizations. He saw privateering as a way to make some fast money, but he always lost what he had earned from plunder (something he was always complaining about). Most of the captians in the Sea Dogs knew he had a discipline problem, but most were willing to take the Blackflint on because he was such a good fighter. That to was a double edged sword. In battle, Remy was almost a one man boarding partry in himself, but he would not stop. Many of the sailors loved him, some even looking to him as another living legend. The problem became aparent, Remy was to much of a liability to keep, but to beloved to dismiss because he could probably take several good sailors with him. Captian Pike then voluntered to take Remy onto his crew, thinking that the discipline on his ship would keep the Blackflint in check. Pike was wrong, and after a confronatation between the two, Remy led a mutiny that disposed Pike and killed William Thomas's brother.

Remy is now captian of his own pirate crew, the Blackflint crew. They sail on now with adgenda unknown, but recently put the torch to the town of Begruben to the torch.

Remy Blackflint

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