Hughes Sices du Sices

Leader of the Paix chapter of the Rose and Cross


Not much is known about this young man. His rise the position of leading one of the most prolific chapter house of the Rose and Cross has surprised many veteran members. A noble born with no sorcery, Hughes took right to the path of the Rose and Cross. He was a well trained swordsman who breezed through his training with flying colors, and his noble background has given him the training to deal with the massive amount of politicians that deal in Paix. Plus he has the ability to keep L’Empure in check, which amazes many of the older knights. They might not think of him as best suited to leadership, but none can argue his talent at the position. He has shown nothing but dedication to the order and keeps the resources flowing in, which helps keep the organization running.

He came to aid Dietrich and brought in a score of new Knights, but all of them are young and inexperienced. Hughes insists that they are the best that he can offer

Hughes Sices du Sices

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