Duke Henri Deaucreax Paraisse du Rachetisse

Master of Spies


Henri insists on being called by his given name. He is somewhat of an enigmatic figure. From a house known for a long line failure, he rose to the top to become L’Empure’s master of spies. He has forgotten more about court politics than most people will ever learn. Of course, nobody takes him very seriously, because people view him as a madman.

He has the personally of a giddy child with a sadistic streak like no other. His favored way of disposing of bodies was to cut the eyelids open and shove the poor sod in a porte hole, then kill them (at that point out of mercy. They tend to gouge out their eyes). He views this with a total absence of morality and bemusement of the situation. He always acts like he is in control of the situation, usually surrounds himself with loyal bodyguards. Yet he keeps a cane with him that he can use to crack a man’s skull.

He is always letting thing slip, he makes no secret about the people he kills, and seems to treat life and death situations like a party. He could be this insane. He could be faking it. At this point it is difficult to tell. What is the act, what is the mask?

Duke Henri Deaucreax Paraisse du Rachetisse

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