Deitrich Proust

Leader of the Rose & Cross in Frieberg


Dietrich Proust

It is an odd twist of fate for the son of a blacksmith to become one of the most influencial people in all of Eisen. Deitrich is the grand master of the [[Rose & Cross]] chapter house in Freberg, and the face of the organization in Eisen.

Dietrich grew up in the shadow of the War. His father was a renowned blacksmoth and sold arms to anyone who would purchase them; the senior Proust hated the mercenary nature of his business, but he had to keep his family fed. So Eisen continued to suffer and the Proust family continued to prosper at the cost of the pride of the elder Proust. Dietrich saw this, and promised to make his father proud.

He learned teh family buisness at an early age and soon grew to love it like no other. He had immence tallent too; his blades were amongst the finest in the nation. He never sold his swords to large groups though, and not all of them took his well. One night, a merenary band stole all of his swords. Dietrich tracked them down and killed them all, using the weapons they had hoped to take from him. He then went ot the Knights of the Rose and Cross with an offer- allow him to join, and they would be the only customers he ever worked for. The organization readily accepted.

His apprenticeship was unusually brief, and he moved through the Order much more quickly than most knights. Deitrich spent most of his time in Freiberg, forging swords for use by the Order. He was very choosy about whom he gave weapons to, and often required Knights to perform specific feats before earning one of his swords. It became a teriffic motivator, and Dietrich earned the rank of Master Knight soon thereafter.

Today he serves as the face of the Rose & Cross in Eisen. When not working at the bellows, he tries to maintain order in the hetic city of Frieberg, who are always in need of the protection offered by the Knights. He has no real love of politics, as the earthy, war weary man has no pacience for earning money or dealing with politics. He organizes the missions in Eisen and seemingly always in need of help.

Dietrich is a large man of about thirty five with prematurely silver hair and a sharp gaze. His corded arms bulge with muscles and soot cakes at the insides of his fingernails. When he has to deal with people, he is in fine garb, but otherwise he is covered in suit in his smithing cloths (except for the tabard which he always keeps immaculatly clean)

 Lately, he is under a great deal of stress. Two of his best knights have been murdered. Swordsman Marrcus Possen was stabbed in the back while trying to teach the street children how to defend themselves. The other was Noah Vandersmidt, a Vendel man who was infultraiting a local arms smuggling operation. To top that off, the only person who responded to his request for additional support was Hughes Sices du Sices who has brought in a group of inexperences recruits to replace the fallen knights.

Deitrich Proust

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