Leader of the Sea Dogs


Born into a wealthy nobel family (his father married the daughter of a successful cloth merchant), the young Berek jumped at the opprotunity to sail for Avalon. He hired the best men he could find to refit the ship and prepare it for battle.

When Castille sent its navy against Avalon, Elaine put Berek in the unevniable possition of admiral. Some quick planning- and a healthy share of good luck- allowed him to defeat the Castillians before they could ever see Avalon's shores.

Berek is a resourceful captian. In addition to his retractible keel, he's also responcible for brining 'fire ships' back into vogue. Before attacking a town or settlement, Berek captures a few emey ships, sets them on fire, and sails them into port. The confusion and damage caused by them allows him to capture more than his fair share of plunder.


After a successful raid of a Castillian ship (and damaging his own boat) Berek has launched a special mission to track down and capture the ones who had mutianied against one of the Sea Dog ships.


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