A mysterious performer capable with knives and who knows what else.


Appearance: 4’9” (or the equivalent very short height), with medium length dark auburn hair and hazel eyes (vibrant green flecked with brown). Her eyes almost seem like they’re always laughing at some joke. Dimples mark her face when she smirks. She has a tendency to wear darker clothing that is flamboyantly cut, with bright accents; however, there is nothing shiny or reflective, which seems unusual for a performer.

The other characters first met her performing in the Drunken Duck in Cantunge. She became quite irate when they cost her her audience and tips for the evening.

She seems to have some grudge against the Eisen, and declares that no one will get to kill him besides her. It may be however that there is a relationship developing between them…(yeah, alright, everyone knows they’re totally into each other.)

It has been revealed that she speaks Montaignian, Eisen, Castillian and Vodacce.

The captain (and Yosef >.>) was completely stunned recently by her very rich dress at the opera, and thought perhaps that she had taken the money from the ship. Could it be that Aileen is actually a noble…?


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