Aaron Pryce

A bold Avalonian man with a muscular, tattooed frame and an unwavering grin.


For decades, the Pryce family has been synonymous with passion, adventure, and tremendous exploits, and has produced several of Avalon's more famous heroes. The famed Captain Jerome Pryce was one of the most recognized, having sailed about Theah, harassing and plundering payroll ships of various nations for the better part of twenty years, before he retired to enjoy "family, friends, and food". He took a wife, Glenna, and did just that.

 One product of his retirement was the young Aaron Pryce. As a boy, Aaron showed all the signs of taking up his father's mantle. He showed decent enough aptitude for learning, but grew restless. His parents, being more understanding than most, agreed to his requests for freedom, and set him up with an "apprenticeship" with an younger comrade of Jerome's wilder years, the infamous Chandler Searle, a privateer of some renown. Several years later, Aaron returned, a young man with a head full of stories of his mentor's adventures, and a few of his own.

Seeing that their son's voyage had done him good, he was given a choice; either aid the family business (a profitable venture involving insuring ships against piracy, armed escorts, and the like) and earn his inheritance, or forfeit the wealth that would normally be his birthright and go out into the world with only his parents' blessing. He chose the latter, without hesitation. 

His two brothers later followed his footsteps to the "T", and should his sister's courting of the local boys prove disappointing, as she angrily iterates it is, she may as well…

In the years since, Aaron has been across Theah several times over, and has become quite the accomplished adventurer. His passion and uncompromising will has gotten him into slightly less trouble than its gotten him out of, and so he manages to stay ahead of things. Word returned to him recently that his old mentor was in town, and upon visiting him, he was disturbed to see Chandler a changed man. 

Gone was the light-hearted captain he knew; in his place, there sat a haggard and gaunt man, telling haunting stories of a place not on any map or chart, an island somewhere in the Trade Sea. He spoke, with shaking hands and bloodshot eyes, of a man on this island, dead but speaking, and the words he spoke were of things that he could not know, true things, the purest wisdom there was. Beyond that, nothing the captain spoke made any sense, but it was clear that what he had heard had drove him mad, mad with knowledge, and mad with the desire for more.

From that day, Aaron has been searching for evidence of this island, and seeks to find it and speak to this dead man, and find a way to put his old mentor's mind at rest.

Aaron Pryce

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